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Luggage? Who said luggage?

Airluggage offers travelers a unique service that saves time and improves the travel experience. It allows the client to check in to the flight or the cruise at the hotel reception at the moment of checking out of the room, luggage included.

Made while working at Fantástico

Brand new brand

We designed a visual re-interpretation of the graphics found in transit places. Cold and purely functional elements transformed into elegance and excellence.


One brand to rule them all

While Airluggage is focused in travelers, at the same time is a business-to-business company looking for partnership with hotel chains and airlines. We produced two different-minded booklets to introduce the company to both the final client and possible partners.

Booklet business-to-client
Booklet business-to-business


High-quality applications to reach out new partners.

Personal cards
Stamping detail
Stamping detail


Quality yet affordable applications for the final client.

Last night bag
Boarding pass

Make the service understandable

We produced a wide range of clear and easy-to-understand illustrations to explain important parts of the service.

Creative teamAlberto Aranda and Jordi Rubio
Printing houseGràfiques APR
Project photographyEduard Selva

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