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Making it easy for event organizers

Fira Barcelona was looking for a new look on their website dedicated to event organizers. They had two goals: the importance of the location and the services they offer; and that the spaces could be seen very well.

We created two different layouts integrated in one website. One to explain the wonders of the city of Barcelona and to go over all the services Fira Barcelona has to offer. The other one to navigate through the venues as if you were onsite.

Made while working at T4XI

Part 1: Storytelling, texts, SEO

We worked with the texts that were already online and adapted them to nowadays needs. We added hierarchy and gave each page a meaning for itself combining texts from different previous pages.


Illustrate me!

Simple and clear illustrations. Created in the studio. To represent transportation, the city of Barcelona, environment and technical installations.


Making the most out of your viewport

An important part of Fira Barcelona are the venues and spaces. They are shown basically with blueprints, 360 images and photographies. We gave all these contents the most visibility they could have.

Get directly wherever you want

One of the demands was to easily access any section of information within any space. We created a side menu with a double navigation both for sections and spaces.

Same grid, different shapes

The buildings in Fira Barcelona have different shapes and sizes to accommodate diverse events. The website has a regular space for the content but it plays with different shapes and positioning of the backgrounds to transmit that essence.


Show it wherever you need to

Sales representatives of Fira Barcelona often visit their potential clients outside of an office. That means they don’t always have a good place to show the website. We designed the website in a way it could be shown nicely in any device.

Design and developmentT4XI

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